Saturday, February 13, 2010


Remember Jack London's CALL OF THE WILD? The story of a wolf in the wilderness fighting for survival in snow covered Alaska?

Well, this video version of a more pampered canine that has a sweater on and does not want to pee because she might squat too low and get her bottom cold. We mustn't have that! No no!

Speaking of snow, yesterday was a day for records. Glen Burns, the weatherman on WSB-TV, said yesterday was the first day ever, in recorded history, that there were snow in all 50 of our United States, and that includes Hawaii.

But later, on the same station it was said, the amount of snow was not measurable.

As you can see by this video I am still in my learner's curve. Or as I so cleverly told somebody, I am in my learner's U-Turn. Am I clever or what?


G said...

Why do I get the feeling Willow was showing off for the camera :)

hey, good background music too

Eddie said...

Dogs seem to comprehend us humans' body language so well - but how can the know of the concept of a camera and copying one image? It sure seems that way.
Herb Albert (as in Albert) is one of my first in my music collection. Steve Allen plays the piano or the Allman Brothers might be next.

Deborah Wilson said...

haha - good video, Eddie. Willow is like my sis' dog, Missy - she doesn't want to go out when it's raining or snowing either.

Notice how animals like to get right up close in front of the camera? My rabbit does it too. I think they know what you're doing and like to show off...:)

Eddie said...

Thanks! It means a lot coming from a person who has made some expert videos.
Yep, Willow would have never been a postal carrier going out in rain, sleet, or snow.
But she would do good being a ham in front of anyone with a camera.

kenju said...

Tell Willow I like her sweater very much. She looks good in red!

Eddie said...

Willow is a sweater girl!

Thibaut Blondlot said...

Day is more archaic than it is first, imo