Saturday, February 10, 2024

The Year of What Will Be Will Be


No doubt about it, it is THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON.

It reminds me of A YEAR OF special at a Chinese Restaurant near Hwy 9 and Bells Ferry Road near Woodstock years ago.  We came across an ad of the restaurant saying come and celebrate with us!  And in the body of the ad were illustrations of firecrackers banging, confetti, music notes, and all kinds of good time partying things.  What we were mostly impressed us was the “Buy and get one free!” note at the bottom.  We went.

As we drove there I imagine a lot of loud music and maybe we would do that Chinese celebration thing that you hold the person’s hips in front of you and somebody behind me hold my hips and we choo-choo around blowing little party horns and laughing.  One bit party welcoming in the New Year Of…

By the way, not that it matters,  but the four corners of Bells Ferry Road and Highway 92 were at one time owned by our ancestors.  My ancestors, the Hunters, Tysons, and Hueys and Anna’s Kuykendalls.

We went to the little shopping center the Chinese Restaurant ad directed us to.  We were the only customers there.  A little naked Asian boy kept peeping at us from the slightly parted kitchen door but I would hardly call it a party. 

We had our meal and left, using the ad to buy one and get one free.

As usual, we were untimely.  According to the news the following week was when more people came and more spontaneous action happened.  Really!  A drug deal went wrong and there was a shootout in the restaurant with two people killed. 

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