Friday, February 02, 2024

Chiefs of Cobb County Police

 Posted 4 years ago on Facebook:

Today we were sitting in a doctors' office waiting room. We were listening to two men, apparently not knowing each other, talk about weather, football, hunting, and Texas, where he was from and doing most the talking. The other man was easy going. I noticed he was wearing a dark blue business-casual type of uniform, he had a name tag: Cox, Chief.
After the guy doing most the talking left I asked the polite guy what was he chief of and he said the Cobb County Police. I jumped right in and said my father was Chief of he Cobb County Police and before that he was the Chief of the Marietta Police. He looked impressed.
We (Anna too) talked a lot about Marietta and Cobb County, how things have changed and so on.
Back to Daddy: He asked Daddy's name: "Ed Hunter". He asked when was Daddy chief of the Cobb County Police? Mid 1950s, maybe nearer 1960.
Chief Cox said, "That was before I was born."
I felt old. Maybe I should have called him "Sonny".
Small world.
Driving home and thinking about it, I should have asked him did he know my friend Lee Moss and Jerry Millwood, Cobb policemen (now retired). Picture is of Ed Hunter, Cobb County Police Chief.

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