Saturday, February 10, 2024

Me in the NY TIMES (again)

 I posted on facebook 3 years ago:

The first day of the Senator Run-Off Election we drove down to the courthouse and deposited our ballots in the absentee/mail ballot box.

Before I so gallantry drop our ballots into the big box a young lady with a camera told me she was from the New York Times and would I mind if she photographed me putting our ballots into the box. Being something of a ham, I said of course not.
I was going to ask her how I should do it but she probably could sensed I was about to ask that question and told me “to just act normal, just be yourself.”
And I did, minus the giggling and sticking my finger up my nose (just joking).
She did not ask my name and I was about to tell her, but I decided to be a man of mystery, like Zorro.
I told my son Rocky what had happened and asked him to be on the lookout for my picture in the NY TIMES. That was at least a month ago, so I thought I must have been broke the camera and there will be no picture.
But my image was in the New York Times yesterday. Lookie! Rocky sent us the link.
Anna said, “You couldn’t look worse.”
And I said, “Yes I could.”
While I am bragging about me in the NEW YORK TIMES I should say it was not the first time I was in the their paper. In September 2016 they did an article on the re-opening of Chumley’s Restaurant in Greenwich Village. The reporter doing his research found that I had written in my blog several articles about the period of time in the mid 1960s that we used to meet at Chumley’s there and enjoy quaintness of it and the atmosphere and writers who used to go there and drink, and us trying to figure out who’s who. The NYT writer called me and we talked. I was out of my league. But he did manage to get a couple of quotes out of me.
How many other blog editors you know were quoted by the NYTs?

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