Saturday, February 03, 2024

Chicks and Seaside Heights

 Last night on JEOPARDY one of the contestants was a lawyer lady from Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Seaside Heights, New Jersey? Seaside Heights, New Jersey, was our playground about two years when I was stationed nearby.
The ladies in the picture are New York City school teachers. They went in together and bought a seaside cabin at Seaside Heights.
When we met them Don told them we were Naval Helicopter Pilots. They believed it. Then, along came two real Naval Helicopters Pilots from our squadron. When the ladies introduced us as Naval Helicopters pilots to real Naval Helicopter Pilots a glint of humor and a smirk came across their faces, but they went along with our plot. I’m surprised they did not have us kicked out of the Navy for impersonating Naval Officers.
About the time we were hanging out with the school teachers our Squadron had a banquet, sort of, and we invited the teachers.
Left to right: Dick Day (Dick became a NBC news radio announcer, Dick’s wife Nancy, School Teacher, Sam Kasuke, Don Lash-After Don's time as a sailor went back to Chicago, back to college and became a professor and a Naval officer, School teacher, School teacher, and me.
After the banquet we took them back to their seaside cabin. They excused themselves, saying they had to freshen up, and they would be right back. This is true: We waited about 4 hours in the living room, and finally got the hint and went back to the barracks and never went back.
The other ladies picture are Nuns frolicking at Seaside Heights, in the Winter time. It was a windy day.

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