Friday, February 02, 2024

Bloody Tale


Today I was at my sister’s house in west Cobb.  I saw an elderly slim man studying her driveway.  I walked our and asked could I help him.  He said he was studying her driveway, the workmanship, how good it looked.  He is in the market to have a new driveway put in, his present one is crumbling up..  He introduced himself, he lives about 3 houses down the street.  He said he either needs to fix it up or move down by the coast.  He said he was from south Georg but lived up here many years.

He told me he was a Barber at Bob’s Barbershop on Canton Road, now he is retired.  I told him my wife cuts my hair but the last time I had a store bought haircut was about a week after the drunk young man’s head was accidentally sliced off in Bob’s Barber Shop’s parking lot.  We went over what happened, he knew the details.  Two drunk young men left a rocking bar on Church Street Extension.  On Canton Road the guy that wasn’t driving put his head out the window to puke.  The driver pulled into Bob’s Barbershop Parking lot so, I suppose not to get vomit on the side of car.  The driver drove on home.

The next morning the police were knocking on his family’s door.  They told them a headless man was in the front seat of the car.

They figured the head was sliced off when the driver got too close to a pole’s guild-wire and was sliced off.

A uncanny story resurfaced. 

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