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Invited the lady to our table, what now?


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Last night we watched again, DRIVING MS DAISEY. I think most of it took place in the on Ponce de Leon between the Fax Theater and Decatur. The signs on the side of the streets were authentic. It was well done and reflected the times well.
I got off active duty in the Navy July 9th, 1965. Two or so years later my friend Reuben got off active duty. We wee Navy friends. Reuben was from Louisiana. He visited me in Marietta. While he was here we went bar hopping on Ponce de Leon. This area, the traffic, cars, and all reminded me of MS DAISEY.
On Ponce de Leon we went into one club in the basement with entertainment. A lady singer named April March sung. She was good. After she finished she thanked the people clapping and said she was taking “10”.
When she left Reuben asked the waitress to ask April March to sit down with us. Apparently she did. Ms March came to our table and chatted with us.
I kept wondering, “What now?”
I think April March might have been wondering the same. Finally, I think she realize “This is going no where” and got up and said he had to get back to work.
Reuben went back into the Navy and made a career of it. He climbed in rank to Warrant Officer, retired and now lives with his wife in Thailand.
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