Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Cousins On The Prowl

 Throwback Thursday. Two wild and crazy guys on the prowl: Herbert Hunter (1901-1976) and his uncle (mother's brother) Ed Tyson (1888-1967). Ed was about 13 years older than his nephew but just return from WWI (as a medic) and not yet married. He married Lula Kuykendall in 1935. It may have been Hubert's last fling as a single man. He was married shortly after that.

See the girl on the in the background eyeing them? It reminds me of the old PLAYBOY Magazine ads with the caption: "What type of man reads PLAYBOY?"
But again, that girl could be a cousin. There were plenty of them around.
Ed spent his life as a farmer in the Hwy 92 and Bells Ferry Road area of Cherokee County. Herbert spent his life as a barber and Marietta's unofficial town crier.

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