Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Morning Pulpiting

Is there a Supreme Being?

I honestly do not know. But, here is a fact to ponder on the proving side. I read today in Uncle John’s Almanac that on the all overall average there are 105 male humans born for every 100 females.

I think with wars and other things men generally do more the dangerously jobs. Probably about 5% of the males don’t live long enough to settle down and raise a family.

Is the 105 boys to a 100 girls born a divine adjustment? I think it just may be probable… maybe the Supreme Being calls the 5% adjustment the “War Factor”.

And in modern times you have the divorce factor and you have always had the out-for-a-good-time factor… all these modern day factors just might short-circuit the divine computer.

But even so, with all the calculating He or They had to do, to make all living things depend on each other in harmony – do you really think He (or They) is/are concerned about religious formalities, ceremoniously parading around in robes with gold lace, staffs, and all that? I don’t think those superficial things would be needed.

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Blogger Jean Campbell said...

Interesting for a Monday, Ed. Except to say I know the Lord loves me, I'll not discuss theology. Well, I might add that I don't think we'll be comparing whether the carats on my street outweigh your street of gold. Mine may just be gold dust, or nugget gravel. It won't matter.

About the 105 to 100 ratio: How did was it figured into end of life issues where fits as my friend Fletcher once observed, 'all those ladies with their little casseroles' descending on a newly widowed fellow?

8:28 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I don't know how Uncle John's Bathroom Reader comes up with its facts.. but they present them in them simplest sentences and let the reader use their mind thinking of possibilities.
Yep, I suspect any widowed fellowed will have plenty of casserole dishes (with the name taped to the underside) to return to the owner, who just happens to be ahem! single also.

11:15 AM  

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