Saturday, August 25, 2007

Geese Git!!!

This morning on our walk (didn’t run) we again came across a bunch of Canadian Geese standing around just off the road we were on and the drive going into a newly cut subdivision. This is at least five, maybe six, times I have seen the Canadian fowl there.

Once, like today, I just walk by and there they were standing, and I think one time riding by in the car there was a bunch standing there.

The area must be an official designated rest stop for Canadian Geese.

Then there was the time a few days ago I noticed the man that lives across the street from the new subdivision swiftly walking towards the geese waving his hands as to scare them away – which I think he successfully did just that because I saw a flock in their V pattern taking flight just about a block away.

Which brings to mind, why should the old fart care if the geese take a breather from flying or not? What’s it to him?

I have noticed a couple of times in the evening after the workers in the newly built subdivision leave he will stand about where the geese were standing and watch his two grandkids ride up and down the vacant new streets on their bikes, without having to worry about cars.

Now, he must think he owns it, and that area is just for him and his grandkids.

In the past few years the same man has accumulated two huge camper-like vehicles, something like Winnebago’s. The both sit in his back yard, which makes it crowded because he also had a pool added… then he had a big utility shed added – it looks like you would have to take a deep breath and tiptoe to get around his backyard – no wonder he needs the extra space across the street – who does those Canadian Geese think they are?

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Blogger Unknown said...

I almost wrote about Canadian Geese yesterday. When I walk, I always have my MP3 player on. Over my blaring music (yesterday morning) I heard quite a commotion. I removed my earpiece and it was Canadian Geese, a huge gaggle of them. It was extremely foggy, so I could barely see them, but I sure could hear them.

4:45 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Seeing them hazily in a fog could have a dramatic touch.
I would like to see a video on their habits.

5:24 AM  

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