Sunday, July 14, 2013


Did you see the latest LONE RANGER movie?  Well, keeping up with the trends and the times, or jumping on the band wagon, so to speak, here is a double dose of the  Lone Ranger.  First is a revue of the movie, that I first put on face book.  And lastly, but certainly not least is one of MAD comicbook's takeoff on the LONE RANGER.  The MAD's story was written by editor Harvey Kurtzman and drawn by artist Jack Davis (corn fed in Georgia).  This story was in MAD #8.

Do you hear the William Tell Overture playing? Look up on top of the row of buildings at the big graceful white horse running and leaping from roof top to roof top! Who is that man with the 10 gallon white hat riding the horse? It is me! Suddenly the horse gracefully leaps off the last building and we land on a train speeding down the tracks, then we do some more graceful tricks, topped off by me lassoing a RR water tower and gracefully swinging off the white horse and train onto another train top to land on two men and give them a good whipping. All in a days work. That is what I sat through while eating popcorn yesterday. The new LONG RANGER movie was exciting, energized, if not just darn funny at times which I couldn't help but think of the Road Runner cartoons. I half way expected them to use Acme Dynamite to blow up the railway bridge. It was good entertainment and don't spoil it by thinking Clayton Moore and Jay Siilverheels could do a better job. People generally have a hard time accepting replacements, like Roger Moore vs Sean Connery, my 3rd grade teacher... The Lone Ranger story of how he was first a Texas Ranger, in a group, pursing the Caviness gang, when the outlaws ambushed them and he was the only survivor and was nursed back to health by an Indian remained intact - then they let their creative liberties go wild. I saw things that reminded me of the last ZORRO movie, THE WILD WEST, and ..... and.. the road runner. Wait! I feel the need to jump from building to building again and gracefully swing on my rope.  Of course the whole movie wanted me to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made of Merita Bread.

click on each image to be able to read the balloons and get a better visual of what is going on.

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