Sunday, October 25, 2009


It must be Sunday again and here I am again ready to read you the funnies.

Today we are opening MAD Comicbook #9. The cover is by editor Harvey Kurtzman, as most the other stories in it. The picture refers to the story inside lampooning the movie HIGH NOON with Gary Cooper.

The inside cover is an ad for the EC Fan- Addict Club, which is a way publisher William Gaines kept close to the EC readers and of course it was also a ploy to boost circulation. Notice all the EC type characters looming high on the wall or damaged building side It was drawn by Jack Davis.

And the first story is a take-off on LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE. If you never read the strip in the funny papers it might not make any sense to you....but wait! Maybe you saw the play on Broadway. If not, maybe you saw the movie. The story is by Harvey Kurtzman and the art is by Wally Wood. You just can't duplicate Wood's art style. It stands alone.

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