Monday, June 23, 2008

"The Dakwa" Tn Aquarium postcard

On the back of the card it says: " "The Dakwa" is one of 53 medallions of the Aquarium depicting the history of the Tennessee River from Cherokee myth to 1992. According to the Cherokee, a large fish called Dawka dwells in the Tennessee where it joins Toco Creek."

Speaking of the Tennessee River and Indians, my g-g-g-grandmother Polly Hogshed Trammell, an Indian, drowned in the Little Tennessee River while tending her fish baskets, so the story goes... or is it another myth?

This post card we bought when the Tennessee Aquarium was opened less than a year in Chattanooga. It is the first transmission from the scanner's new position on Anna's computer, then I emailed it to myself.

Clever, No? I say as I get right in your face and tap my finger on my temple.

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