Monday, January 14, 2013

K Cups

Before Christmas we bought a Keurig type of coffee maker.  It is not a Keurig coffee maker.  We bought is a Mr. Coffee machine that does the same function with K Cups as a Keurig machine.  It has a little water reservoir and a little cup holder for the K cups.  So far, so good.

After we bought the Mr. Coffee Keurig style machine and started buying coffee k cups it made me realize just how expensive the stuff is.  You see in black and white just how much you pay per cup of coffee.  Up until now, I have always bought a large container, and it was handled like bulk stock, it is hard to determine a unit price.  With k cups it is easy.  Painfully easy. 

It is cheaper than a cup at a coffee shop but still costly compared to the bulk price of a big container.  But to be fair, I am not drinking as much coffee now, which means less coffee to buy.

Just last week I forgot and left my used cup in the machine and Anna came along and heated up water for hot chocolate or tea.  When she discovered I left the last k cup she gave me the hot cup of coffee made from used coffee grounds.  It tasted as good as the first run, maybe just slightly weaker.  So, I need to cut down on the power of my caffine which means each k-cup twiced used is even better.  It is 50% cheaper and the 2nd cup just slightly weaker, which is a good thing.  Now, I am considering running the 3rd cup through.

We bought two little metal mesh cups to brew in the contraption also.  I hate to waste all the regular coffee I stockpiled.  I haven't perfected the mesh container brewing yet. We emailed Mr. Coffee and a nice lady in customer support or customer services emailed us and sent us a manual which did not come with our unit.  We wrote her back asking in more detail how to brew with the mesh cups.  She wrote back and (get this) recommended we contact the Keurig Company and ask them and sort of hinted that their machine is a duplicate of their's anyway.  I cannot bring myself to ask help from Keurig for a Mr. Coffee product.

Now, every time we buy groceries I buy a different brand of K-cups to see sample the different kinds and then I'll know what to buy mostly.  Beleive it or not, so far the "as-good-as-most-others" is Kroger's dark roasted brand, which is much cheaper.

Remember too, that McDonald's have senior coffee for  usually 56 ₵.


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