Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is the last story in MAD #11. This is MARK TRADE which is lampooning the comic strip of not so long ago, MARK TRAIL. MARK TRAIL was created by Georgian Ed Dodd (1902-1991). The MARK TRAIL comic strip did a lot to show the appreciation of wild life and the natural order of things, which also means respecting the environment and ecology. My cousin, Jo Hunter, worked as an assistant for Ed Dodd, as she worked her way through UGA. And cartoonist Jack Davis did exactly the same working his way through UGA. Jack got to use his MARK TRAIL skills again later on in life, this story is illustrated by him.

Here is an interesting notation. In the last panel, see Mark Trail chasing his assistant trying to hit him. They are distant silhouettes. This is not the first time MAD editor/writer use that same type of action to close out a story. He did that same kind of scene at least one other time, probably more that I can't think of.

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