Sunday, March 31, 2024




Speaking of Easter, have you ever been to Atlantic City’s Board Walk on Easter Morning for the Easter Parade?  I have, when I was stationed in New Jersey.  It is very enjoyable.

Speaking of being on Atlantic City’s Boardwalk, we were there again on August 27, 1964.  We were outside the Democratic Convention grand party whenT hey picked Lyndon B. Johnson as their presidential candidate.  It was LBJ’s birthday.  As a special treat with expert fireworks technician  they had a portrait of LBJ in fireworks over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  He and Lady Bird came out on a balcony of the Convention Hall and approved of his portrait and waved at us jeering common folks.  We waved back.

That same night, walking back to the parking lot in the dark, we saw a gang chase down someone with a sign and started whipping on him and the police suddenly materialized and broke it up.


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