Friday, October 20, 2006

Wednesday continued

I forgot to mention that Wednesday after my doctor’s appointment and getting my Brandi’s Famous vittles to go and after eating those unmentionables grinded up and reshaped into hotdogs, I went shopping at Krogers. Wednesday is Senior 5% Saving Day. I now have to go to a newer Kroger because the older I went to closed down.

I prefer to pick my cashier – some of them, especially the news ones, seemed to get fussy over coupons and such. I picked one that used to be at the old Krogers and transferred to this newer Krogers.

Most of the employees from the old Krogers who transferred most of them came to this one, it is only two miles down the road. But there is one old employee at the old Krogers I haven’t seen. She was a little old woman who was mentally challenged. I always tried to speak to her and she always slapped me on the back and laughed like a wild maniac.

Her and a sacker, also mentally challenged would arrive at Krogers each day by a special county paid for “Twinkie Bus” who transports the mentally challenged to their jobs each day. I think it is a good program.

I haven’t seen her since the old Krogers closed down, so I asked the cashier about her. She said she is at the East Lake Krogers now. She told me that Krogers has a Starbucks and one day she was in there and she saw her sitting in Starbucks alone taking a break. She asked her how did she like her new job and she said she liked it but she didn’t know anybody, she didn’t have any friends.

It is hard being an outsider, and probably even tri-fold harder if you are different from the rest. I mentioned cliques not no ago – I bet she does feel terribly excluded. The cashier almost cried when she told me. I almost cried too.

As I left I noticed the next door Walgreen’s Pharmacy was having flu shots that day. I hurried home and put up the frozen foods and returned to Walgreen’s thinking it would take a few minutes to whip in and get my shot and whip out. Wrong!

I stood in a long line two hours.

Interesting to note a young lady in front of me told me she was seven months pregnant. She was Caucasian. The nurse’s assistant went down the line asking was anyone on Medicare, if so we must fill out a certain form. I raised my hand and so did the young pregnant lady in front of me. Then, the same assistant went by asking if anybody was on Medicaid and the lady in front of me raised her hand again.

She was on Medicare and Medicaid and under 25? She used a very expensive looking cell phone to call her fiancé’ to tell him (at that point) she had to stand in line for another hour and an half. So, she wasn’t married, pregnant and on Medicare and Medicaid. She also had on expensive new clothes. She was very polite and cordial but I bet she knew how to play the system like a violin.

Maybe we can hire her to go through our papers to see just what we are not getting that we are entitle to.

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