Thursday, October 12, 2006


A part left out of our trip: No big thing, just a little detail I forgot to mention.

Anna has a new boss. The level above her all switched jobs effective October the 1st.

The new lady over Anna stays in her office or wherever. As far as I know she has only came out and spoke to them once.

But she sends them emails and Anna copies on the emails she sends. Friday when we were on the road traveling in the Carolinas Anna checked her blackberry for any recent emails activity and there was one from her new boss wanting some kind of report.

Through modern day electronic magic with a blackberry Anna gave her the report or answer she was requesting. Her new boss wrote back and thanked her and told her to have a great weekend.

We thought it is possible, being that the lady is new, and rarely leaves her office, she might not even knew Anna was on vacation.

It is possible to be, saying riding a helicopter over the Grand Canyon oooing and awing over the magnificent sight and you check your email and respond to whatever your boss requests, and then go back to your camera clicking and the boss thinks you are sitting at your desk just around the corner.

Now, that is progress.



Blogger Button Gwinnett said...

Obviously there are advantages to the wonders of modern technology that allow us to do so many things. But call me old fashioned. Sometimes, I just don't want to be reached.

I can remember a time when I could go on vacation and not even have to think of work. Because of so much accessibility, sometimes people take advantage of our free time.

Like you said, perhaps the new boss didn't even know Anna was on vacation. But still.........

3:47 PM  
Blogger ET said...

There is a movie about that I saw on one of the HBO or STARZ channels where a college kid along with his friends go to Europe and his boss keeps calling him on his cell phone to have him do different things. Each time he would say "consider it done" or something like that and go back having fun.

4:46 PM  

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