Monday, October 23, 2006

Local Ghost Tour

I think The Marietta Daily Journal was timely in announcing a new company in Marietta: Marietta Ghost Tour. Halloween is just around the corner.

From the article in Sunday’s Marietta Daily Journal Marietta Ghost Tour’s tour is based on real local ghost tales. This is good. It is not something someone made up recently.

I think I could add some that they do not know about. The old Dupree House, my father, as a policeman was called to their old white brick big house many times because things up in the attic going bump in the night. Mrs. Dupree was sure it was a ghost.

Several years ago Anna and I went on a Ghost Tour in Charleston. I thought it was very good. We met at the appointed place in the old section of Charleston which went by the old jail and several old taverns, the old court house, and several other buildings. We were told of duels, hangings, and other things that caused spirits to hang around un-rested. Each story fitted a good niche of history that I really enjoyed, like for instance when dueling was a commonplace practice.

Whether you believe in ghost or not, if you appreciate history I think you would appreciate the Charleston Ghost Tour we went on – there are several to choose from. Savannah also has ghost tours and I’m sure New Orleans and New York has them also. Now, Marietta has one!

From what I read in the Sunday paper Ms. Joni Goodin, a newcomer* in Marietta, is giving an excellent tour based on real ghost local ghost stories – and you also get a good dose of local history in the bargain. What more could you want for $15 – you can hardly get a good salad for that.

* I think being a newcomer in Marietta gives Ms. Goodin an advantage. She automatically sees things from a different prospective: from the outside looking in – she probably sees things that we local yokels take for granted.

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Blogger Suzanne said...

I went on a great ghost tour in London, followed up with an even better Jack the Ripper tour. Both were at night, for added goosebumps. London is so perfect for these creepy things.

10:38 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Yeah! London would be a great place for a ghost tour. In fact, I read a mystery novel one time that was about a ghost tour in London by Sharyn McCrumb. He tour guide was paid a good bit of money to kill an American young woman that had reservations for the tour. Her uncle wanted her dead, then he would be the next of kin. The good part of it, was like a regular ghost tour, was the history involved as the tour went, like Jack the Ripper facts, and all.

4:10 AM  

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