Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Petty Bunch and a Hunter Again

This is another Petty grouping picture c1938. There are some interesting things in it you can not see unless you know the people. This is before my mother and father married.

I don’t know who the lady on the left is but the next lady is Lois, who was unrelated but also came from North Georgia to work in the mill. Years later I would meet Lois – she became Anna’s mother’s cousin-in-law, she married Marie’s cousin Toy.

My mother’s brother Tom is the 4th from the left. As usual, he is making a statement in front of the camera. On his left is his wife Mary Jo who is a couple of inches taller than Tom. She called him “my Little Tom” – she looks amused that he is showing off for the camera (or her).

To Tom’s right is the youngest of my mother siblings. Next is my mother’s mother and next to her is Herbert Hunter. Herbert Hunter? I wonder why Herbert slipped in the there? He was on the other side of the family, the Hunter’s side. And next to Herbert are mama’s youngest brothers Leonard and Roy.

The picture was taken in front of a house my mother and sister rented on Washington Avenue across from the National Cemetery when they first came to Marietta from North Georgia to work in a mill.

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