Friday, October 27, 2006

Productive Friday

It was a busy Friday.

As I mentioned I had a lot of picking up to do.

And I went back to my mother-in-laws to follow the complex system of electrical cords and connectors, timers, multi-plug in adapters, and all… now, I have all about 5 or 6 fluorescent fixtures working, giving light. Two are not working because the plug that reaches the 2 prong plug in is 3 prong. How it worked before, I don’t know. On the way to the airport yesterday I stopped by Home Depot and bought a electrical strip with 4 plug-ins. It will work, but who how often does one see an electrical strip dangling from the ceiling? It kind of fits the mood of all the wires and times goings ever which way. So, after I get it plugged in today there is just one more fixture to deal with… I have no idea why it is there. It has no wire with a plug going from it. I’ll deal with that later (Scarlett O’Hara said something like that).

A side-note: At Home Depot while studying the different kinds of plug-ins and adapters, and stips another man, a few years older, was doing the same. I turned and asked him did he live on Bryant Lane. He looked surprised but said yes he did. I told him I see him a lot out walking his dog. Then he felt obligated to help me find what I was looking for and because he did that, I felt obligaged to help him find what he was looking for. I'm glad a third party didn't come by and asked didn't one of us live on Bryant Lane or the other Corene Drive.

While picking up yesterday the Women’s Center at the hospital called. An electronic voice – a female voice – how can a electronic voice have a gender? It did. It politely told me that Annemarie had an appointment at 10:00 tomorrow morning but she needed to be there 30 minutes before hand to fill out the paper work. So, she had an appointment at 10:00, which is really 9:30? It gave me several options to press one if I received the message, press two if you would like directions, and I forgot what three was, but it wasn’t “I am not the person you are calling, but I’ll relay the message” that I was hoping for. They did leave a telephone number to call if you had any questions.

I called Anna on the cell phone. She was checking in her rental car at the airport. She didn’t know anything about an appointment at the hospital. What was it for? She asked.

So, I dialed the number Ms Computer provided and the live lady asked her name and birth date, which I gave her, and she said there was some mix-up, she didn’t see where she had an appointment today. I said, “Wait!” – check Annemarie Hunter. I told her first Anna Hunter. And sure ‘nuff, Annemarie was scheduled for a Bone Density test.

So, I called Anna back and told her that. Okay.

At the airport I went to the North Terminal and parked in their huge parking lot. I wondered if any car was there with a body in the trunk. That would be an idea to put a body – it wouldn’t be found for days, maybe weeks…. Until the stench started radiating the area.

Just outside the doors going into the Terminal a young twenty-something black yuppie lady high-fived a young white yuppie man. One was coming in from a flight and the other one was meeting them… I am not sure which was doing which, since I am not the nosy type (ahem!). And neither had baggage. The white guy, in a witty way, said, “I think we are allowed to do that.”

Which I think he meant, in the old days blacks and white of opposite sexes didn’t show any kind of affection in public. You just didn’t. But that was 30 or 40 years ago. But, we still have our reputation that is hard to shake.

I think the white man was probably the visitor… a nervous visitor with a sense of humor at that.

I was early. Anna’s flight was due at 5:09. It was about 3:30. I found a huge round room with a huge waiting room. In the middle of the room was a huge skeleton of a T-Rex or maybe a Dinosaur… I think it was probably a metal structure – a piece of art – nothing to try to climb or play on or anything. Why in the waiting room of an airport.

Around the edge of the huge room were several upscale restaurant. One jazz piano player was playing. That was nice and relaxing.

I enjoyed reading my book some and watching the people a lot. I was seeing a parade of all walks of life prance, slither, and drag by. Very interesting.

One couple was a Muslin couple. She had her head piece on but she wasn’t your typical female Muslin. She was flirting with her husband, holding his hand and he was whispering sweet nothings in her ear and she was giggling and acting like Ms Cutsy, which she was. It is hard to believe that was an arranged marriage.

A black Army soldier was sitting next to where I sat. I asked him was that seat taken and he politely said no. He was reading what looked to be the Smithsonian Institute magazine. After a while a black lady in civilian clothes walked by and came over to the soldier. They knew each other. They are in the same unit. Evidently, her home is Atlanta and she was there to pick up somebody at the airport and he was a layover, waiting for his next flight. They did like probably most people who worked for the same organization would do if they ran into each other away from their workplace – they talked about people they both knew in their unit…. Office gossip is universal.

Then, a white woman walked by and interrupted them, saying, “Excuse me, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!” He smiled and nodded at her.

I felt emotional. To me it is very heart warming for people to show their gratitude, unsolicited.

Anna’s plane arrived on time. She was a pleasure for my eyes to see.

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Blogger Suzanne said...

Much excitement indeed.

4:20 AM  
Blogger ET said...

excitement is in the eyes of the holder.

5:13 AM  
Blogger kenju said...

You were all over the place, weren't you?

The last line was the best, Eddie. Did Anna see it?

2:53 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I don't think she has seen it yet. While she is off she usually checks my blog about one time, which she has been too busy since she got back to do any checking. When she is working she is more routined and checks my blog daily, which my sons do too.

Bottom line (literally), I don't think she has seen it yet.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Yeah, I lead a boring life, so it sounds exciting to me.

7:43 AM  
Blogger ET said...

You lead a boring life?
Lets see ... was that before or after you ran into Mick Jagger - or let see - are you still on your trip to DC?
About 2 or 3 weeks ago you flew to Chicago.... hmmmm... boring?

8:37 AM  

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