Monday, October 02, 2006

Buzzing about Bees

Here are a few facts I recently read on Uncle John’s Daily Tear-Off Page-Day Calendar about bees:

Honeybees are not native to North America. They were introduced from Europe in the 1600’s by the Puritans.

I wondered how they transported them? Well, of course by boat, but if the queen bee decided to escape and roam the boat to look around she would have the whole hive swarming right behind her- it would have been an interesting site, not to mention a ship being shifted off course. Maybe the orginal destination of the Mayflower was Nova Scotia and things went astray.

Different bees have different “dialects”. A German bee cannot understand an Italian bee.

From something else I read or saw on TV that a bee dances to communicate. So, maybe a German bee wants to dance the polka and the Italian bee wants to do one a hot Latin dance ball-room dance.

Bees use ultraviolet visiona special vision that allows them to see which flower has the largest amounts of nectar.

Ah shucks, that an’t nothing. Many human have that ability, but instead of nectar their ultraviolet vision seeks out the people with the most money.



Blogger kenju said...

I think those Italian bees want to do the tarantella, Eddie. I'll ask them when I am there next week!

3:08 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Is it next week you are going?
Have a great time!
I know you will. And I know you will carry your camera.

5:33 PM  

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