Saturday, October 14, 2006

Freedom Of (and From) Religion

On Law and Order last night the story was about Muslin terrorists in New York City. It was a touchy subject which I thought was treated straight forwarded and maybe blunt, in a gentle way, showing both sides. It pointed out how the U.S. Government had a history of treating minorities unfairly and how unfairly sometimes the U.S. Government gets treated.

At one point assistant D.A. Jack McCord told the leader of a Mosque that he had to decide if he was Muslin first or a U.S. citizen first.

That is a good point. Of course we, the audience, probably said in unionson: “U.S. Citizen First! Of course dummy!”

But what if Jack McCord told a Bible thumping Baptist preacher or priest he had to decide which he was first: A U.S. Citizen or a follower of Christ? What would we people with our remote controls mostly say?

Or if the person Jack McCord told was a Jewish rabbi? Probably the majority of us would have to thank about that one.

I think if you want to follow your religion then you are guaranteed that right in the Constitution. Just remember, every body else has that same right, regardless of their religion, Muslims included.

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