Sunday, October 22, 2006

Smyrna, Georgia

Yesterday, we were in nearby Smyrna, Georgia. We were there for two reasons, One was for Anna’s appointment to get her hair done. And after she got her hair done we were to pick up Belle at Happy Hollow Kennels. Or is it Sleepy Hollow Kennels?

Belle is Rocky’s dog and stayed there while Rocky was out of town.

While Anna was at the beauty shop I decided to get a cup of coffee and walk in the downtown section of Smyrna. A couple of years ago they gave the downtown area face lift and now it has a park/old town atmosphere. There are plenty of fountains and cobblestone sidewalks as you make your way around City Hall, Police Department, Fire Department, Library, Civic Center, and a bunch of upscale stores and restaurants.

It was a nice morning with a cool crisp air and a slight breeze. It was just one of those mornings you felt good that you were alive and walking around enjoying it all.

While walking I decided to get me a cup and coffee and walk with it. Which I did, at an upscale French wannabee Restaurant. I told Anna about the joint when I picked her up and we also had lunch there.

Anyway, back to my walk: There is also a big pond or little lake with a park-like setting around it with a walk around it, a couple of observation decks hanging over the water, and benches to sit on. I noticed in the water were five ducks. Four of the ducks were the kind of ducks that decoys look like… with the green head and ring, I am not sure what they are called… the 5th duck, was sort of a fifth wheel, it was a white duck. But I thought it was interesting that the white duck felt like it was part of the gang and stayed with the four ducks… what ever turn they made the white duck did too… in fact, once the white duck was the first to make a bowed turn to check out some people on the deck (and to see if they were going to toss some bread or something for them) and others followed it.

By then, the coffee had did its job and I needed to pee. The Smyrna Library was nearby so I decided to go in and use their facilities. When walking up the steps, a room was to the side with a sign on the door that said, “Book Signing Now”… which got my curiosity up – who was it?

So, I went in that room and it was a big room. Taking up one side was a long line with a bald headed little dried up man signing books. I wondered who he was and went over to another table where several of the books were on a table. I picked up one of the books and it called “Paper Boy” and it subtitled said something about a man growing up in Smyrna. A man came up and introduced himself to me. A very positive chap. I asked him if he knew my friend, who I sold my house to 31 years ago, who had Smyrna ties. He was surprised I pulled that name out of the sky…. It was his first cousin by jove! Sometime during the conversation a little lady told us they only had two books left and suddenly I wanted one. I flipped through it and it had a lot of interesting history in it. It was 750 pages and the cost was $55. No, they didn’t have a way to accept credit cards… I hated to part with most of cash money, but I did, I paid cash for one. The book I got was a signed on and they told me to get in line and the author would write something personal in it.

I realized that it would have to be something impersonal instead of personal since we never met, so I declined. I hate lines. Instead I helped myself to their reception area – cookies and cheese and crackers - I don't think anybody was touching it, so I hated to see all those good sweets go to waste.

Later, while looking over the book I realized that maybe a something personal would be nice – the author was first cousin to my aunt Ruby who is the widow of my father’s late brother Jack. I called my sister and she told me Ruby did a lot of the research for the old geezer.

Afterwards, I picked up Anna and we had lunch then we picked up Belle and we carried her back to her home – her crate. After a long pee in the backyard – she must have been holding it all week – Belle rushed inside her crate. She was home at last.

Rocky flew in three hours later.

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