Thursday, November 02, 2006

What About Bob?

Joe's mother told him to get out and not come back.

As you may recall, Bob’s ex-wife kicked her ex-husband and her 15 year old son out to fend for themselves. She grew tired of their freeloading and hell-raising ways.

And you might also recall Bob came to my next door neighbor bragging one minute of buying a house with 4 acres and the next minute crying saying he was flat broke and Jim lent him $35.

A few rumblings have happened off and on since then. I forgot what I told you and what I didn’t tell you and am too lazy to try to trace my writing steps because I might have included flashbacks, which would really get confusing.

Keep in mind that most of the going-ons I do not see first hand. Although they are right across the street, I seldom look out the window or am in the front yard. I have an elderly couple on one side of me and an elderly widow on the other side. When there is a movement of any kind at Bob’s house I get a call, sometimes two calls, to tell what they saw, and for us to put our heads together to figure out what is really going on.

If you have some nice little polite elderly neighbors watch out! They are digesting every movement you make.

Here is the latest, stop me if I already told you:

Ann and her daughter Melissa was fiercely arguing about something in front of the house. They were both very mad. Ann put up a “For Sale” sign. But, it is the most reluctant For Sale sign I have ever seen. It is hanging by a string on a tree branch about five feet from the ground. Does the sign mean the house is for sale? Or does it means the Catholic-looking Mary statue at the foot of the tree is for sale? Or is the tree for sale?

Yesterday, the widow called me and told me to look out my front window and see if I recognized the white van. I looked and I think I recognized the white van. It belonged to the late NYC policeman’s family. The person driving the van checked the mail by reaching in the box from the car, then pulling on up in Ann’s driveway. Joe got out. He was the sole occupant. He was driving, under age. He went in and apparently talked to his sister and left.

Today, the white van was there again. But this time Melissa was not there, her friend had picked her up earlier. Joe was in the house a while then left. He left the carport roll-down door opened.

No one but Joe or Bob opened that big rolling door. When Ann comes home she will know she has had a visitor.

Ann told Bob and Joe they did not live there anymore and they were not welcome. But who says, you can’t raid the frig if she isn’t there?

This leads to other questions? Did Bob and Joe go their separate ways? Joe must be living close by to drop by everyday.

Amd, What About Bob?

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Blogger Button Gwinnett said...

I feel bad for Joe. Only 15 and he's headed down a long path. I just hope he doesn't have a wreck.

10:58 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Yeah, I hope Joe is extremely lucky and doesn't have a wreck to, not just for his sake but also for the sake of innocent bystanders. But, I am afraid the odds are stacked against him.

5:40 PM  

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