Thursday, November 02, 2006

Harold again

Marietta was a small town. Back then you knew just about everybody and those you didn’t know you were probably related to.

On my previous post about Harold who accidentally shot himself. He was descendant of my great grandfather William A. Hunter through his daughter Arminta Jane Hunter and her husband Lewis.

At a Hunter Reunion two years ago my first cousin Bobby, now almost 70, told me he and his brother Jimmy went fishing one day. It was before they were old enough to drive. They walked across a main road to get to the pond. On the other side they noticed a panel truck wholesale grocery truck parked on the side in front of WFOM-AM Radio Station. They fished. Hours later when returning, they saw the panel truck still sitting there. Little boys’ curiosity got the best of them and they went over and looked in the window. There was Harold, dead, with blood all over him.

After learning details I knew it had to be Anna’s in-law and told him that. But, what I knew in the back of my mind, but I didn’t think of it, was Harold was also a distant cousin of ours.

I’ll have to tell Bobby that the next time I see him. It may make the story of him finding the body more interesting, if he knows it was his relative he found.



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