Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ooo - La - La!!

All the Halloween anticipation is over. I can come out from the darkness of the shadow of the big tree and the moon light and put away my shotgun. No more worry about vandalism until next year.

We had 9 or 10 little goblins, fairies, Wolf-man, and I don’t know what else to ring our doorbell. After it was over I counted 9, but I think their was another one that my mind can’t quiet bring up to its on-line memory… whoever it was, I know how he or she must feel – I am always forgotten or overlooked…. That is the price (and payload) of working hard at going unnoticed.

One little group that consisted of two girls and a little boy I remember named Billy. Billy moved with his about four miles away two years ago. I guess he found his way back. As I handed them out candy I noticed a parent in the background hovering. I suppose I should have had the courtesy of speaking to the parent and recognizing that person as a fellow adult but didn’t. I am not as courtly as us southerns are know for.

So, since I didn’t I didn’t do the right thing the person stepped forward in a very high squeaky voice thank me. It was a little short woman. Wait! It was a man in drag! It was Jim H., one of the little girl’s grandfather, all dressed up with rouge, lipstick, blond wig, and a dress…. Ugghhhh!

I looked him up and down and said something like “Wow”! or maybe “Oo La La!” He suddenly changed his squeaky high voice into even a deeper than his normal male voice and shook my hand and, “How are you Eddie.”

I think he just felt his male image threatened. I bet he carried the kids home and changed before they continued their journey.

Image is everything.

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Blogger Button Gwinnett said...

You not a courtly southern gentleman? I'm not buying that one!

1:40 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I am too much in left field most the time to mind my manners.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

That is hilarious.

6:16 AM  
Blogger ET said...

It is.
I don't think realized at the time, but from now on when I see him I will be reminded of his in that dress with makeup and a wig.

8:12 AM  

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