Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Be Careful What You Wish For

On my incoming emails I have made little make-believe folders dividing them into various groups and subdividing them into the names and jokes worth keeping. And I made similar little make-believe folders for my outgoing email.

I kept them sorted for a year or so until the past few weeks and then the novelty wore off and I realized it was work trying to find just which cubbyhole an email might go in. And which jokes justified being kept?

They piled up on me. My incoming mail box had about 350 emails in it. I just kept putting off sorting them in the right place.

Anna stays on top of her incoming emails and never has over three or four pending in that position.

My outgoing email is probably an equal number because what comes in usually goes back out as a reply – the same method is used in Cobb County to charge for your sewage use…. What comes in water is assumed to go out in sewage, which may be a good comparison.

But my outgoing mail is not visible as my incoming email is. Out of sight, out of mind.

I was putting if off the sorting and wishing my incoming email that I have already responded to was gone.

I was in pain yesterday and decided to take it easy. I went to take a hot shower and when I returned some how all my incoming emails had vanished! Gone with a blink! Not only were they gone out of my incoming box but also gone from the files I had already sorted.


Of course some of it had valuable genealogy information and other stuff I would have like to keep… and one on one conversations with friends – gone.

Maybe my computer got tired of waiting on me to take care of the job and took matters in its own hands, or wires. Or maybe a virus, or who knows.

That had happened before and Adam found the emails way back in the memory of my computer, but I think we have upgraded computers since then.

Be careful what you wish for.



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