Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sweet Edna

This is Edna Garrett White. She and I are descended from Joseph and Elizabeth Mashburn Garrett of Fannin County, where she was born.

Somehow or another, Edna ended up in Marietta. And another somehow or another we bumped heads while doing family research and quickly found out we were related.

One time I spent a day in her very nice house copying pictures and artifacts. She was very hyper and very accommodating.

That was about 1977. She and her husband are both dead now.

Her husband was a quiet easy going type of guy with handsome thick stock of white hair. When I was there photo-copying old family pictures and photographing family artifacts she was constantly criticizing her husband to his face and comparing me to him. She pointed out to him that I worked, had sons that I carried places, and on top of that, did family research and came to people’s houses – and there I was, doing just that. And what did Mr. White do to justify his existence? He sat around all day and watched TV! Hmmfff!!

She said even in the yard, she did all the yard work, however, she did admit that he did break from his TV enough time to mow the grass, she gave him that.

Well, heck, if that what he wants to do, let the poor man be. I don’t know, but maybe he worked hard all his life, and then retired, and his old body was tired. Why make him miserable? Or maybe he just needed a little positive reinforcement – which I doubt he ever got.



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