Friday, September 01, 2006

Today So Far

Today our Autumn issue of Georgia Back Roads magazine came. We have been taking this magazine a long time, probably within just a couple of years after it was created. It was originally called North Georgia Journal.

This issue looks pretty good. It has articles on a certain covered bridge, Vanishing Georgia photos of the old county fair, the Blue Ridge Railroad, the Okefenokee Swamp, Stuckey’s Restaurants, the 1906 Atlanta Race Riots, Oakland Cemetery, and many more. This magazine pumps you with articles that just helps you appreciate Georgia more.

Babes R Us
Today we went to Babies R(backwards) Us to buy a running baby stroller. An engineer that Anna works with, his wife is having a baby and her office is giving them a baby shower.

Incidentally, I used to run around with the engineer’s uncle in high school.

She runs and walks and wanted the type of baby stroller she can run with – so, that is what we bought from a collection taken up.

While there, at Babies R Us I noticed on three different occasions women with plump looking cleavage.

Which got me thinking. Of course they would have plump full cleavage.. they were either pregnant or just had a baby so their bodies developed as nature developed the mothers to do what mothers are supposed to do.

And the latest fashion of low cut blouses helped too.

Not long ago I read that a healthy looking cleavage can cause a man’s pulse rate drop 2 or 3 points.

What I am wondering, what if a man at Babies R Us saw a lady with a good healthy cleavage and his pulse dropped 2 points and then he walks around the corner and sees another lady with a low cut with cleavage. Should his heart rate drop an additional 2 points or will the original 2 points cover both of them? And then if he walks around the corner again and sees a 3rd lady, will his heart rate drop six points?... and then, what if a busload of women got out, all with low-cuts and came into the store. Will they have to call 911?



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