Monday, September 25, 2006

Ed & Hattie

Hattie Hunter (1894-1930) was my g-g-g- grandfather John Hunter’s great granddaughter. She married Edward “Ed” Alexander (1890 – 1977). They had four children. The last one would not remember Hattie. Hattie died about a year after he was born.

After Hattie died Ed and his children moved to Texas and other places out west looking for a better life. They came back home in Union County, Georgia.

Ed invented and patented a curing house for sweet potatoes.

Ed and Hattie’s children proved to sharp business people.

The oldest, Hoyt Alexander (1918-2002) owned and operated Alexander’s Store in Union County, Georgia, one of the few general stores still family owned and operated in the area. Their slogan is “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.”

Another son, Tommy Alexander (still living) owns and operates Track Rock Campgrounds not far from Alexander’s Store.

The Descendents of John Hunter Reunion is held each year at Tommy Alexander's Track Rock Campground near Blairsville. Each year I have been, off and on since 1979 Tommy was always working and wearing overalls.

This year he was still wearing his overalls but it looked like the hard work had caught up with him. He had to have help walking and he had an oxygen breather with him.



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