Friday, September 15, 2006

Distributing Good and Bad Luck

Suppose you receive an email with a list of good positive things on it and at the bottom of it you are told to forward this to at least five people in the next five minutes you will have something nice happen to you or you will instantly come into a lot of money. However, if you don’t, something bad will happen to you.

Really! I have seen this type of email more than once from friends and relatives. I usually forward one with “undisclosed recipient” back to the sender.

That type of email sometimes has a testimony of someone who did as instructed and “it really worked” they will squeal.

If you are to believe that really works then you must also believe that bad luck will come to the person if they fail not to do as the email suggests.

If you believe it and forward it aren’t you putting your friends/relatives in jeopardy for your own gain? You are forwarding it because you were promised something good. And a person you forward it to, what if as soon as that person reads it their provider goes down for a few hours or their computer goes down or many other reasons they would not be able to forward it to at least 5 people in the next 5 minutes.

That same day if one of the people you forwarded it to has an accident and is sent to the hospital and has to have all kinds of operations and the unlucky person doesn't have health insurance do you think maybe you are indirectly responsible?



Blogger Suzanne said...

Ha ha ha! I have never thought of it that way, but you are so right about motive.

7:02 AM  
Blogger ET said...

It is sharing - it is GREED!

7:03 AM  

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