Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Cops Being Chased? Wait!

The other day I was talking to a friend that I grew up with. He is a retired law officer. He told me a funny story… again; it might not be so funny, so let’s say a strange story.

He and a fellow officer were on their way to investigate a certain crime incident that already happened and over their police radio that got a call of a woman being raped.

They were the closet to where it was happening so they was going at a fast speed to the scene to either interrupt the rape or catch the fleeing rapist and get medical help. Their crime scene they were on the way to could wait.

A dog ran out barking at the passing car. The dog was hit and probably killed. They made the instant decision to worry about the rape crime in progress and worry about the dog getting hit later and continue going at a high rate of speed.

Several Latinos saw the dog get hit and the car kept on going. A hit and run! They hopped in a car and started chasing the car. The law officers would turn sharp corners trying to shake the men. I suppose they were in an unmarked car and the Latino men did not know they were chasing the police.

Finally, they whipped into a side street and turned out their lights and the men sped on by.

What happened? Did they interrupt the rape – or give chase of the rapist.

I don’t know. His story was interrupted. I’ll have to find out all about the details later…. And then start all over and tell the whole story again.

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