Friday, September 29, 2006

Story Tellers

Yesterday, via email, I was telling one friend about the other friend’s law enforcement episode of hurrying to a rape scene, hitting a dog at high speed, and then being chased by a bunch of Latinos and he responded back that this person probably has plenty other tales he could tell as long as I am willing to listen.

I bet he does. And, what is a bonus is that he knows how to tell them and tell them good. He knows how to bring out the unexpected, the bizarre, funny, and whatever else in a good story.

I think he learned how to tell good interesting stories by years of listening to avid vocal descriptions of events or incidents by professional and amateur story tellers. He and his wife both are avid Story Tellers connoisseurs. They have attended story tellers meetings all over this area and some slightly outside this area such as the Carolinas.

If I understand it correctly the story telling circuit has its own movement. Maybe it is similar to the stand-up comedian circuit, or the Blue Grass circuit, or whatever. There are those trying to make a name for themselves and some that already have and people are willing to pay good money to hear them in lecture halls and places.

In the process of raising two sons we have found ourselves listening to story tellers brought in for school events and maybe a scouting once. They have their own style I noticed. One we saw one take on Uncle Remus’s personality from the start – he transfixed himself completely into another person to tell his tale. And one didn’t, more of buddy to buddy kind of stories – but each have their own style they developed (or copied) and I think in each case they want you to lose yourself in their story.

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