Thursday, September 14, 2006

How Did That Happen

My mother had Parkinson Disease for about the last eight years of her life. She couldn’t walk or the other things people take for granite.

For her doctors’ appointments it took my older sister and me both to get her there. We usually would get Mama to one of her several doctors and afterwards have lunch, then back to their house where we had to get her upstairs into her bed.

Today I happened to think of a time while we were out my sister decided to buy gas. Mind you, she has her Masters in accountings and has been a bank vice president and at the time head of a finance department at a local college. She pulled up to the gas pump and the gas cap was on the wrong side of the car. She then made a u-turn and pulled back to the other side of the pumps. The gas cap was still on the outside.

She said, “How did that happen?”

Now, with that digested I’ll tell my story.

I have two places I keep shoes. Since the boys moved out we converted one room to a guest room and one room to Anna’s office, and a small dining room to my office. Most of my clothes are in the guest room. However, a set of shelves in Anna’s office I still keep my shoes in. And sometimes I also keep shoes in the guest room. So, in either place, the rack in Anna’s office or the closet in the guest room my shoes would not be out of place.

I have a pair of Nike Air running shoes when I go to a doctor’s visit, out to eat, or something on the line of casual. I have another pairs for different activities. The other day after coming back from someplace I took off my nice clean white Nike’s and put them on a shelf. Later I was getting something out of the guest closet and noticed my new white clean Nike’s. But I remember putting them on the shelf. I went back to Anna’s office and looked on the shelf. There was my pair of white new Nike’s. I was using two pairs of identical shoes and didn’t know I was doing it.

“How did that happen?”



Blogger Bird said...

My goodness Ed...Do you remember BUYING two identical pair of shoes?

4:15 PM  
Blogger ET said...

No I don't. But I probably did. I buy them when they are sale and put them back... I usually have one pair new untouched, one to wear as casual, one to exercise in, and one to work in the yard in... each pair work their way down the shoe chain.

4:48 PM  

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