Tuesday, September 12, 2006

American Pastime: Gawking at a Wreck

This morning on my bike ride on the Sandy Plains Road, the nearby main 4-lane road, I rode by a SUV upside down with the front cab crushed in. Over to the side was a little white car, maybe it was a Honda with a smashed hood and window. Several young people were standing outside the car, one female was on her cell-phone trying to explain the wreck to someone.

There was a fire truck and three policemen directing traffic around the wreck. I suppose all the information was taken before hand and the person or people in the SUV was/were rushed to the hospital….. or blotted up.

The SUV must have been going at a high rate of speed to be tipped and turned over, or maybe the slamming on the brakes caused it to flip.

On up the road by one of the county’s inside aquatic centers I noticed a police car sitting in the parking lot. I sure wish he would drive down the road the mile or so and help out with the wreck instead of sitting there.

Not only would he help them but it would be helping me out as well. He was almost parked directly in front of a sloped walkway that zigged-zagged up to a walk over bridge to the other side the main road. I had plans of riding of the walk and across the bridge over through the library parking lot, then through the senior citizens parking lot, back onto another road, which eventually runs Back into Sandy Plains Road.

But, Nooo – there is a sign right by the walkway entrance going up saying “No Bikes, Skateboards, or Skates”. And there he sit on his lazy rear-end letting his co-workers do all the work.

So, thwarted in my plans, I put Plan B into effect and went anther route.

A little later I again rode by the wreck scene. I stopped and watched a wrecker pull the SUV back onto its four wheels. The vehicle reminds me of someone’s vehicle, I can’t quiet bring into my on-line memory. I am ashamed to say I don’t know the symbols for vehicles much anymore, unless it is something obvious like Chevrolet or Cadillac. This wrecked SUV’s symbol was a boomerang looking thing with its elbow pointing to the right.

P.S. I sent my private investigator, namely me, out to investigate the symbol by looking in the Post Office parking lot. The SUV was a Lexus.



Blogger Suzanne said...

It actually doesn't take much for an SUV to flip over. These things are virtually unsafe at an speed, to steal from the man who brought us George Bush, Raplph Nader. The fact that people think SUVs are safe just shows how gullible we are.

2:20 PM  
Blogger ET said...

You are right about Ralph Nader. He is the biggest reason Bush is President. The Republicwns are to pump some secret money funds which they seem to have so much of into the Green Party.

3:29 PM  
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