Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today - so far

My day so far:
Not bad. I didn't build Rome, but I didn't tear it down either.

First I walked on the treadmill and watched some off-beat movie on one of the STARZ stations - it was good at the moment. There, while looking out in the yard my neighborhood hawk swoop down and went up quickly. It had its wings upward, like shaped like a V pointing at its chest. I think we are probably minus one chipmunk now.

Then I ran 2.75 miles. I have all kinds of little gadgets on me when I run, a pedometer, a MP3 player, and a heart rate monitor. I would tell you how long it took me to run 2.75 miles but you might say, "Wait! Did he say he was walking or running?"

Then I bought groceries. Today is senior discount day. 5% off is nothing to sneeze at. I learned a trick. If the cashier sees you holding your coupons he/she will want to deduct the coupons before the 5% senior discount is applied. Nothing doing! 5% off the total figure is more than 5% off the net figure after the coupons. Today a little Asian girl was the cashier. I bet she doesn't way 80 pounds. She had some new rose color lenses small glasses on. I complemented her on her glasses. She seemed pleased that someone noticed. She said that will be $68.blabla. I asked her did she deduct my senior discount. She then did. Then she told me the new figure and I said, wait, I "forgot" the coupons. So, she deducted them grudgingly. I don't know why they are so protective over these amounts - it is not like she is stealing. So, with the coupons the figure came down to $46.blabla. $22.blabla savings over Anna's coupons and my crafty age discount. Not bad, not bad.

Speaking of Rose Color glasses, yesterday Anna was complaining about something negative about work that effected her and I gave her another slant on it, which was more positive. She said, "May I look through your rose color glasses, please?"

Then I went home and had a sliced tomato and onion sandwich. I haven't had one like that since last year. The sweet onion and the tomato complemented each other.

Then I balanced our checkbooks and piddled with some genealogy.

And then I took the truck to an emission control place and had it tested. It passed. The guy ahead of me, in an old raggedy Honda or something with stickers and ping dents did not pass. He got mad with the tester and shouted at him. The tester just kept rushing around doing his job. The guy in the bad old car had a good built and had a tee-shirt on that said, "Personal Trainer". Did that mean the tester was about to get a personal whipping?

No, finally the guy got his car and drove away in a huff. But I drove away happy because I passed... listening to a CD of a combination of New Orleans music.

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Blogger Steve said...

Sounds like a pretty good day. I had a nice one and even saw a hawk or two while out walking. I love the hills!

3:02 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Speaking of the hills, I might be in Franklin on June the 18th. They are having a Descendants of John Ray Reunion then. And I am a descendant. I found out this morning on email.
I got to learn the details before I commit.

3:32 AM  

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