Saturday, June 17, 2006

Paul - My Father-In-Law

Above Paul and his three sons and Paul as a young man.

My father-in-law Paul died in the February 1, 2000, 3 weeks before his 90th birthday.

He was a good hearted and very religious man. He was brought up in a Baptist Church and continued going to the same church until he was too elderly sick to so any longer. His parents and grandparents are buried outside behind the church.

He was a generous man. He helped us out when we were getting started and helped his sons out when they were getting started. And he loved to do favors for people. When we first bought a house he would bring his riding lawnmower down to the house and unload it and cut our grass.

Paul was always working hard. He owned 5 acres of land which he and his wife landscaped beautifully. What wasn't landscaped was room to raise a pig, cow, (which he would slaughter and package each) and have a big garden. He was a manager of wholesale grocery company that the owner was the boss. The whole company would should down the week that the 4th of July was in and everybody was on vacation. In other words, they got 4 days of vacation every year and very few holidays. When he retired, the owner shut down the company and sold the fixtures.

He also was a family man. He couldn't see enough of his grandkids and great grandkids.

He outlived all three of his sons, which must have been heartbreaking. I cannot imagine going through such.

He deserves a posthumously Father's Day salute

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