Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Policeman's Family Tragedy

Yesterday we had a tragic thing happen in our neighborhood. A family that was paying rent - or evidently, not paying rent, but should have, was put on the street - the Cobb County Sheriff's Department removed them and their furniture.

They moved here about five years ago from New York. The man of the house was a New York City policeman. He was injured on duty, which he was wheel-chair bound. So, I would think he was retired on disability.

Last year he died.

After he died his three teenage kids, 2 sons, and a daughter seemed to have gotten wilder - or, untamed. I saw them a lot because all three of them hang out at the kids across the street.

They had a fenced-in back yard with several big black barking dogs. They were mean and fierce inside the fence but they broke loose several times and wasn't mean at all. They just wanted someone to pet them it seemed.

Weeks ago the oldest son's girlfriend found out she was pregnant and the boy's mother kicked him out of the house. I think he probably had a job and was bringing money in. When the widow kicked out her son, she may have cut part of her income.

and to make it more interesting the kicked out boy slipped home one day to get something to eat and discovered someone broke into the house and stole his mother's jewelry.

Now, they are homeless. They were evicted for not paying the rent.

What's next?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not out of the question they will completely break apart. Maybe a church could help them???

1:04 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I think probably a church is the most likely place they would try - but it seems the churches around here are so used to serving the needs of yuppies, like funishing them tennis courts and soccer fields, they may not be expereince in helping the "have nots."
I think they found some place to go - our of pure nosiness I rode by their house yesterday morning and they were loading things into a rental U-Haul truck.

1:47 AM  

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