Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Iotla and Burningtown Community

We were out of the bed and breakfast about 10:15. We had about 1:45 minutes of free time before we were to go to the Ray Genealogical Reunion. Heck, that is plenty of time to roam the country side of the Burningtown and Iotla Community where my ancestors stomped and many of their descendents are still there. There were four cemeteries I tried to rush through.

This is the area Thelma Swanson took Rocky, Adam, and I back 20 years ago.

It is a land of farms and rolling hills. Because the second hand was ticking away into minutes I made sort of a whistle stop at the four cemeteries and rushed through each taking pictures of the people’s markers I remembered being related.

Anna said the houses are very pleasant looking – this area has not got the “bigger is better” fever yet. Not all houses have to look like the Biltmore mansion. Nice country homes are what they are, nothing more and nothing less.

I photographed about 75 graves graves in a short time. I will show just some of the high lights.



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