Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Begging for Prescriptions

I think I have mentioned that at my last cardiologist-doctor visit I was given 5 prescriptions, all designed to prevent heart attacks or strokes in one form or another.

I knew better than to mail them in to my prescriptions by mail company then, because the last time I did that before the old prescriptions had expired they sent them back to me to hold them until they became timely ready. Which I did.

I held them back this time also. And I lost them.

We looked high and low for the prescriptions and could not find them. Because now, with computer printouts, the prescriptions were 8x10 printout sheets, which Anna believes could have got mixed up with the junk mail and tossed.

About ten days ago I wrote a letter to my doctor’s office explaining that I lost them, and now it is time to mail them in, would they please send me another set of prescriptions. As of yesterday, they have not responded to my letter.

Yesterday I called the doctor’s office asking to speak to the nurse and of course a voice mail came on saying she was busy, please leave a brief note with your name, birth date, and telephone number. And she added “I WILL get back to you.” I left a brief message telling her my dilemma. I might as well had told it to the wall. She did not return my call.

I decided to be at their office this morning when they opened the doors and get in their face – which I did.

At 8:00am this morning in the receptionist’s face with a copy of the letter pointing to different things I brought mentioned in the letter, with time running out, it was important to get the ball rolling. The receptionist looked like she had her mind on a nice steaming sausage and biscuit or maybe a chicken and biscuit.

She woke up from her daydream long enough to tell me she would give my letter to the nurse.

At counted on having to sit a while, so I brought a book. Surprisingly, before I got into the second page the nurse came out, a new nurse, good looking and pleasant. She smiled as she handed the prescriptions to me.

I thought how come some one as good looking as that was so careless about reading letters and returning phone calls? Wait! That is exactly the kind that would do that.

Anyway, I got my prescriptions.



Blogger kenju said...

Good for you for being persistent, and next time put them in a safe place!

2:38 PM  
Blogger ET said...

If I remember.

3:09 PM  

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