Friday, April 21, 2006

What's Happening

Just this and that.

Today Anna has a long list of places to go today. She wrote them down so we won't forget some of them. So, he hit the floor running this morning.

Yesterday I carried my sister to meet a group of fellow seniors travelers that is going on a trip to Washington, DC. They left yesterday and will be back Tuesday evening. I was looking over the itinerary and it looks like a lot will be packed in, a lot of sights. And, someone else will do the driving, you don't have to haggle over motel room trying to decide where to sleep or to dine either. That may be the way to go.

Interesting a couple weeks ago she went with the organization to Callaway Gardens, near Warm Springs, Ga (FDR's Little White House) and she sat behind an old class mate of mine named Tate. She overhead him telling someone of some quaint European little town he may go this summer.

More about Tate and his family someday.

I looked over her list of the people that are going this time and I saw another old school mate and neighbor. His name is Frank. He and his wife is on the manifest. When we were growing up he looked like a little man and so did his puppet he carried around. The puppet was the kind that sits in your lap and you makes his lips move. I wonder if he still has that thing... and if so, I wonder what his wife thinks of it? Some time in high school Frank and I parted company. I think I started running with a wilder crowd and the only thing I remember our junior and senior years every time I spoke to Frank he would look at me in a snob disapproving way and never smiled with me again.

Tonight we are to meet one of Anna's ex-bosses and her husband at new restaurant they discovered, a Thai eatery that has spicy food. I'm game, because I like spicy food, but Anna is reluctant, she doesn't like spicy food.

This ex-boss applied for a higher level at a U.S. office in Quebec, Canada. Now, two years later she is back here with a new promotion. Anna and I both are not that promotion, or money minded. We like to find our level of competence and do it good, and not get greedy and want more and more.

Then tomorrow we hope to go to Dahlonega (previous blog), although it might rain, but what is a little rain, it might clean the soul.

Have a nice weekend.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time over there. Thai is one of my wife's favorite foods.


11:47 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Good luck with the Thai food, and I hope your trip is not too rainy tomorrow.

12:52 PM  
Blogger ET said...



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