Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Aisle #3 Incident

Just one more about the Dahlonega area.

On our way up to Dahlonega I noticed a certain convenience store in Dawsonville, about 7 miles south of Dahlonega and on the way back we ate at Wild Man’s Barbecue across the highway from the same convenience store.

We have a history with that store.

Back when our sons were young a carrier by the name of Kenny at work was telling me about 100 acres of land he and his girlfriend jointly bought in Dawsonville. He said it had a creek running through the property and he rigged up a mining table, that pumped water up on a table, and somehow you shift the creek sand from the bottom and the gold remains, and so far he has found several tiny little gold nuggets.

He suggested that I bring Anna and the boys up and he would demonstrate it for them and they could mind for gold. Which we did and they found some little bitty gold pieces. The pieces found you can put it in a container of water and it quickly sinks to the bottom and hits with a “clunk” sound.

So, we mined for gold and also had a picnic. We built a fire in a rock pit Kenny made and had hotdogs and chips.

Ken’s girlfriend was maybe ten to fifteen years older than he and her face was very painted up with rouge and lipstick to hide the wrinkles. With all that batter on her face, she sort of prissed around like she was one hot mama.

They never consummated their relationship, probably because he was the shy type along with her “holier than Thou” attitude. She started dating somebody else in their church and talked Kenny is selling her his share of the property.

When we went up there to meet them to mine for gold we met them at a pre-selected place, the convenience store mentioned above.

When we drove into the parking lot they were waiting. Ken said how would we like to have a picnic, cook hot dogs on a fire and we said that sounded great.

So Ken and I went into the store to buy what we needed for the cookout. We bought wieners, buns, potato chips, and Cokes. Ken walked up to the counter and asked the lady behind the counter where was the condiments. She said on aisle 3. Kenny and I walked over to aisle 3 and their was no catsup or mustard.

We walked back to the cashier and asked again for the condiments. She said aisle 3. This time we made sure, we looked on both sides carefully, and nope… no catsup and mustard.

We went back to the cashier and told her we looked carefully and there was no condiments on aisle 3.

She said, “Yes, they are there.” And she walked out from behind the counter and we followed her to aisle 3 and she pointed to the different brands of condoms and said, “There are your condiments!”

I broke out laughing. Kenny looked embarrassed. He said something to the effect, “No No, we mean catsup, mustard, things like that!”

Her face got very red and she realized her mistake. She showed us the correct aisle. When we added up our purchases she was laughing and embarrassed, her face was very red.

I suppose she thought we had a couple of hot chicks out in the car raring to go.

Kenny said that he kept stopping by that store and from time to time and each time the cashier would laugh with him over that incident.

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Blogger Jay said...

That's a brilliant story.

5:02 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Thank you Miss Jay.
I just skated around your websites, you are very creative.
i will look again at them more in detail today or tomorrow.
I identify with the Noveless Novelist one.
I have been to Toronto once, I think it was on something like your Thanksgiving which is our Labor Day,

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can never be too safe by wearing condiments

1:57 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Now, "hold the mayo" will have a special meaning.

5:45 PM  

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