Sunday, April 23, 2006


This is Ed in his WWI uniform.
He is my father's mother's brother. He is why my name is Edwin. Although his name is Edward, my father was named after him, but instead somebody wrote down Edwin instead of Edward, and I am a Junior, being named after my father.

Why we are not Edward Sr., and Edward Jr. was probably a clerical error. Details, details.

Edward married late in life. He had two sons. As they grew up the youngest complained because of the cold wind whistling through the cracks of the old house they lived in and his father would say, "Be grateful for what you have son." That son grew up to be a successful business man. The other son, the oldest, was involved with always doing something to get rich quick. He was also a big gambler. He won the local pool hall in a poker game, so I heard.

He died in his '60s living with his mother.

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