Saturday, April 29, 2006

See Ya

This may or may not be my last entry in my blog for a while.

We are leaving for a trip to first Amelia Island, Florida, then on down the road to Jacksonville for Anna to attend a business summit. I am just along as a man-servant.

While she is at her meetings I will free to ride up and down in the elevators, knock on doors and run, and spy of females sun-bathing by the pool.

I told my wife I might hang around the pool and let the bikini clad young women there take times rubbing sun lotion on me, or maybe go to the beach and play volley ball with some girls (also in bikinis). She didn’t look worried.

I do not know what the network communications will be like. I know they say they have a computer available in a common place for people to check their email and go on-line. Just how deep one can dive into the Internet remains to be seen.

And, even if I can get in – I hope I can do things right to get to the stern of my blog and have control of it for a few minutes to mouth off whatever comes to find.

I think I have all the addresses I need to get to my blog. But I won’t know until I am there (or not).

And also some of your blogs I read daily so I will try to continue to do so, but again, I doubt if I will be able to make a comment – since I am writing from a strange computer it may not recognize me as “member”.

If you don’t hear from me all week, I will probably be back spouting off and sharing old photos late next Friday or Saturday.

Have a nice week.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

have a good time, be careful....

3:29 AM  
Blogger ET said...

We are, if you don't count the time we lost the jewerly or had a too greasy of a hambuger.

6:59 AM  
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