Sunday, April 23, 2006


In this tent we ran in to get away from the rain we were treated to a nice dulcimer conert. I know nothing about the dulcimer. Each one looked diffrently, all made of wood. I suspect the musical instrument is hand crafted with the person buying giving the specifications he wants on it.
Not in the picture but near by doing summersalts or something was this little heavy set kid immature kid that had a goatee. I imagine he and his friend, equally immature were local high school kids helping out.
I was watching them out fart each other, out belch each other, and giggling when they were setting up the sound system... then suddeny, he turned around to me and made a big strange smiling insane face - which reminded me of what they did in the movie Cool World or something similar.
I surpised me, because I am not used to people recognizing my presence.
Surpisingly, when the Dulcimer group completed he grabbed the mike and in a very professional radio announcer's voice said, "Lets give a big hand to...." Then he went on to talk about the weather, and then stayed talking ad-libbing until that group packed up and left and the next group came in and sat up. Then he introduced them. I think he was a teenage announcer on a local bluegrass station.



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