Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Continuing Adventures of Twiddledee & Twiddledum

As you may recall the last time we checked in on the Twiddle Brothers Twiddledum has gotten sloppy in his appearances. Before he and his older brother Twiddledee parted company Twiddledum walked behind and in step with his brother, wearing a crew cut, military camouflage fatigues, and pants tucked into his boots.

Then Twiddledum apparently moved in with a 40ish car window representative with an Arby’s and after that he became sloppy. I saw him twice at Krogers with his little short redheaded roomy buying groceries. The Arby window sales representative would carefully check his list and his coupons, carefully getting the most for the money. And Twiddledum had a dirty tee-shirt with food stains all over it and looked like he in the second or third week wearing it, and he looked exhausted. He leaned over the grocery cart as he pushed it.

I wondered what happened to Twiddledee. Did Twiddledum get mad and move in the Arby’s man or did Twiddledum find it lonely in the old house by himself and Twiddledum invited the Arby’s man to move in with him. And if so, where was Twiddledee?

Buried under the house?

Part of the mystery was solved today. The part that Twiddledee was buried under the house or not.

Twiddledee is not buried under the house. He is alive and well.

Today at Krogers I saw Twiddledee and Twiddledum standing beside the old white car their grandparents used to own, getting ready to buy groceries. Twiddledum was again looking neat with a short haircut and clean pressed clothes and his military uniform. As I walked by they was getting a live lily out of the trunk of their car.

Being that it is the day before Easter I would imagine that the lily was designated to be at either their parents’ and/or grandparents’ graves.

A Happy Ending and a good Easter story.



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