Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Shot the Sheriff But Did Not Shoot His Deputy

As a tease, sort of, I asked Carolyn, of GINGER QUILL (link on right) did I ever tell her the time a warrant was issued for my arrest in Panama City, Florida, in 1961, and I wonder if the Statue of Limitations are over yet.

Back in the late 50s and early 60s we young people would go to Panama City every year.

In 1961 I was working and attending college at night. The girl I was dating, was going to Panama City with a group of girls, after they graduated. It was surprisingly how many Marietta High School students and Marietta alumni showed up. Even many of our friends who joined the service showed up, one was even AWOL. It was a way of life that we thought would last forever. It was like an annual pilgrimage to the Holy Lands.

The girl I was dating shared a motel room with a bunch of girls. We partied down by the motel's pool and the beach, which steps led to.

During that week I went deep sea fishing for the first time on Captain Anderson's fishboat and caught a big grouper. It was the largest and won the pot money that day. Ironically, Ronnie Witcher hooked a red snapper by the tail, which was pretty funny. I attended Ronnie's memorial service serval weeks ago.

Back to the party at the motel. Several of the girls were up in their rooms and I thought it would be the teenage show-off thing to do was to climb on the ledge that ran just around 3.5 feet under the window line and climb in their window. Which I was drunk and was doing. Never walk a ledge when you are drunk.

The owner or the manager of the motel saw me and hollered at me. When I heard him and looked down and saw his angry face I yanked at the window I was beside thinking I could open it and jump out of his sight. But when I jerked at the window's frame the framed screen came off in my hands which cause me to lose my balence and I was about to topple over and fall. But, I let go of the screen and grabbed the window's ledge and crawled in.

The frame screen fell hitting Mr. Owner/or/Manager on the head, knocking him out.

We left after that. Later that evening at a Putt-Putt Golf place somebody told me the guy that got knocked out had a warrant out for my arrest.

I avoided that motel after that and whenever I police car would cruise by I would look the other way - just like the fugitive.

That's about it.

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Blogger Carolyn said...

LOL Eddie

That was pretty funny! I'd bet after 45 years the warrant is pretty stale, that is if someone didn't tear it up by now. That manager might even be at the big motel in the sky by now too, hehe! Have you ever been back? I think you should go this summer, just for old times sake. But stay off the ledges, lol!

12:22 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Yep, I have been back to P.C. 4 or 5 times. Each time I get near that motel I wonder if I should pull out my Groucho nose, mmstacche, and glasses.

1:50 PM  
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