Monday, April 24, 2006

I Am Still Wearing Out the Blue Grass Subject

Also while on the Square in Dahlonega view various bluegrass artists were two bang bang kind of art that added a certain clicking beat rhythm to their music.

In the tent where we watched the dulcimer artists play. The blond lady (recall the picture) pulled out a little handmade wooden man on a little paddle-looking thing, with a long stick behind him. It had body actions almost like a marionette puppet. She controlled it dancing on the little wooden paddle and the beat was right along with the music. It added to it all.

Back on the streets after the rain went by was one group of fiddlers and banjo pickers who had a little wooden platform in front of them, no bigger than a pallet, in fact it probably was a pallet... the kind a fork lift would lift up with goods on it and stack someplace.

People were invited to come on up and get on the pallet and do a jig to their music. There dancing reminded me a lot of the Irish Jig, but it more like the Drunk Mountaineer Stomp. People who tried dancing on the wood platform looked dazed and drunk. But they were good. One guy was dancing away, clicking to the music and suddenly an aged gray-blond long drink of water skinny woman with denim and a cowboy hat jumped up and jointed him on the platform and they both did an excellent job.


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