Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cashiers and Spilling Water

It is raining now, and supposed to lighten up this afternoon. So, after giving it some thought we decided to go to a mall this morning and look for even more clothes for our trip and after that head on to North Georgia.

We have to make our decisions based on the Rain God and have we sacrificed anybody to Him lately.

Yesterday we went to at Kohl's a young lady with a baby that I thought was Mexican got into a long conversation with the male cashier, who I also thought was Mexican, they spoke in a foreign language.

I think I must have looked too nosy into their conversation and they felt the need to enlighten me. The young lady explained they were from Jordan and they were going over the label on the shirt, that she pointed out was made in Jordan and the quality number on it.

OK - as long as you Far Easterns an't discussing a suicide bombing or a terrorist attach of something, as long as you were discussing a shirt label.

Also, apparently the cashier was gay. He had a flouncy way about him. I bet he was a popular sort in his homeland. I doubt if he will ever returned home I thought.

At least he had both hands, which might be the sign of a honest man over there.

Then we went to Walmart which employs it fair share of rednecks.

At the cash register there my wife and the cashier were having a disagreement about a coupon, and the cashier there to relieve her was standing there holding her cash tray tried carrying on small talk with me and told me she has a bank in her yard that is too steep to use a lawnmower on so she and her husband bought a weedeater - actually, it was the brand name Weedeater, but it was a blower. She told me the box said Weedeater, but only had a long tube to blow through. She said her husband tried cutting the weeds on the bank with it and just blew air. She shrugged, like saying in body language, "Go figure".

We had an enjoyable evening at the Thai Restaurant. The food was good and I on purpose picked spicy food, some kind of yellow curry, chicken. It wasn't as spicy as I was wishing for - like I wanted my sinuses to loosen up and my eyes to water. But it was good anyway.

We talked a long time after the table was cleared. In fact, I thought longer than we should, there were customers with no place to sat waiting. During this time, one gesture with my hand and arm making a point on something and I knocked my glass of water over, which luckily enough the water landed on my place on the table and into my lap. That was a little embarrassing.... but suddenly some very kind quick acting Asian women materialized and got it all cleaned up, except they didn't try to clean it off my lap. Oh well.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have had so many fires up here the rain isnt too bad an idea.

If he is a gay Muslim he better stick around here and learn some Spanish and English "rat quick."

Wifey really perked up when we talked about getting together and eating Thai. Something for us to mull....

Take care

7:47 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Gay Jordaneese people, a "blower", and a wet lap = Interesting day! :D

Hope your rain let up. It let up here about an hour ago, but it's still threatening to come again. I even wrote a song about it on my blog, lol!

12:23 PM  
Blogger ET said...

We had the best of both worlds. We got rained on, were forced under a big tent where we got to listen to some blue grass, and after it rained we continuned out circulating in the crowds pickpocketing.
Really, we had a very enjoyable day among the blue grassers.

6:14 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Just don't get the "blower" and "wet lap" mingled in the same thought as the gay Jordaneesian.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me any day with Bluegrass has some good in it....

2:05 AM  
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